Memory Loss

Memory Loss

Memory Loss services offered in Sun City, AZ

Are you having a hard time recalling names? Do you sometimes forget where you put your keys? It’s normal to have some memory loss as you age. However, when memory loss affects your daily life, the experienced internal medicine team at The Maxwell Group in Sun City, Arizona, recommends scheduling a consultation. The practice offers memory testing and cognitive exams that can provide the answers you need. Call the office or schedule an appointment online today.

Memory Loss Q&A

What is memory loss? 

Your memory is your ability to recall things that you’ve learned and experienced in the past. It also helps keep you connected to your family and friends. 

It’s normal to have some memory loss as you get older. Examples of normal age-related memory loss include:

  • Difficulty recalling events from the past
  • Taking longer to perform tasks
  • Taking longer to learn new things
  • Trouble remembering names or words
  • Slow down in processing speed (problem-solving)
  • Difficulty multitasking

Though a normal part of the aging process, you can do things to manage your memory changes, such as learning new skills, engaging in activities that work your mind and body, and following a routine.

When should I seek help for memory loss?

If you have concerns about your memory or changes in a loved one’s memory, the team at The Maxwell Group recommends scheduling an evaluation. Memory loss is a concern when it starts impacting your ability to manage your daily responsibilities.

These types of memory changes may be signs of dementia, which affects language skills, behavior, and personality. 

Many conditions cause dementia, but Alzheimer’s disease is the most common in people 65 and older. Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive condition affecting the brain's structure and function. 

What are the tests for memory loss?

The Maxwell Group offers comprehensive testing for memory loss to determine the severity of cognitive changes. Testing might include:

Memory testing

With memory testing, your internal medicine provider asks you simple questions to assess your memory and recall. Your provider may ask you the date or give you a list of words and ask you to recall them at various points throughout the exam.

Mini cognitive exams

The team uses mini cognitive exams to screen for early dementia. It’s a quick evaluation that includes a recall test and a Clock Drawing Test (CDT) to look for short-term memory problems and cognitive function changes.

Mini-mental exams and evaluations

Mini-mental exams and evaluations assess cognitive function and your ability to care for yourself. This exam assesses orientation (date and place), recall, attention and calculation, and language.

It’s not unusual to forget names or where you put your keys from time to time. But when your memory changes affect your daily routine, schedule an appointment at The Maxwell Group by calling the office or booking online today.