Geriatrics Specialists

Geriatrics Specialist

Geriatrics services offered in Sun City, AZ

Older adults have a higher risk of medical problems than their younger peers. At The Maxwell Group in Sun City, Arizona, the skilled internal medicine team offers comprehensive geriatrics care for older adults, keeping them as healthy as possible with a low risk of complications. Call the office to schedule a sick visit, annual wellness exam, or chronic care management appointment, or use the online booking tool today.

Geriatrics Q&A

What is geriatrics care?

Geriatrics care at The Maxwell Group includes medical care for older adults, many of whom are 55 and older. Seeing a primary care provider regularly is the best way to maintain superior health and keep your risk of illnesses and diseases low.

Which geriatrics services are available?

Some of the exceptional geriatrics care services available at The Maxwell Group include:

  • Sick visits
  • Annual physical exams
  • On-site diagnostic testing
  • Chronic disease management
  • Chronic care management
  • Vaccinations
  • Health education
  • Medication prescriptions
  • Specialist referrals

If you struggle with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, or other chronic conditions, The Maxwell Group team is here for you. They do what they can to detect medical problems early and treat them properly.

What should I expect during geriatric care visits?

During geriatric care appointments at The Maxwell Group, you can expect:

Vital signs check

Your internal medicine specialist weighs you, evaluates your body mass index (BMI), and checks your blood pressure, pulse, and other vital signs.

Medical history review

They also ask about your medical history, including your personal and family history of disease, medications you may take, symptoms, and lifestyle habits.

Physical exam

Your provider completes a physical exam to evaluate your overall health and wellness. They assess your eyes, ears, vision, hearing, heart rate, reflexes, and more. Your specialist provides pelvic and breast exams for women and prostate exams for men.

Diagnostic testing

When necessary, The Maxwell Group offers lab tests and other diagnostic testing, such as heart-function tests, lung-function testing, and imaging procedures.


If you need treatment, The Maxwell Group team tailors a plan to match your needs. They may recommend lifestyle changes, medications, minor procedures, vaccinations, or specialist referrals.

When should I schedule geriatrics care appointments?

Schedule geriatrics care visits at The Maxwell Group each year or more often if your provider asks you to because of a medical problem. Call the office if you have concerns or questions about your health, become ill, or develop unusual symptoms.

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