Attention Medicare Patients

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Selecting your primary care physician allows patients to take full advantage of the many ACO (accountable care organization) benefits afforded to patients when aligned with their PCP at The Maxwell Group.

Chronic Care Management (CCM) Program

    • Do you need help managing your health?
    • Do you need someone to talk to regarding
      your health care needs?
    • Do you need help with your medications?
    • This program is covered by Medicare
      and most insurances
    • You can qualify for this program with two or
      more qualifying chronic conditions:

Diabetes                  Chronic Kidney Disease
Alzheimer’s              Hypertension
Anemia                    Hyperlipidemia
Asthma                    COPD
Atrial fibrillation        Depression
Hypothyroid             Congestive Heart Failure

      •   There are many more Conditions……

                     ASK us today if you qualify

Exciting Maxwell Group News

Please help us welcome the newest addition to our practice this July- Dr. YuJie Shui.  Dr. Shui is Board Certified in Family Medicine and has just completed his residency training at Kingman Regional Medical Center in Kingman, Arizona.  Please inquire now regarding appointment opportunities.